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Dark Souls 2 review round-up: prepare to die all over again

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on 11 March 2014

Ready to die, again? You should be, because From Software’s notoriously brutal RPG/hack-’n-slash series is back, and ready to grind you into a sticky paste on the ground. Of course, while Dark Souls II is the follow-up to its 2011 predecessor, the series’ success can be traced back to Demon’s Souls, which arrived exclusively on PS3 back in 2009.

Since then, the franchise’s template has been refined and tweaked to near-perfection, offering a gloomy, strategic adventure brimming with lush locations, hulking monsters and crushing difficulty.  Despite its mainstream success however, the series has never compromised its hardcore nature, and Dark Souls II adheres firmly to its tough-as-nails roots.

So, with that said, how does From Software’s latest outing stack up against its predecessors? The Internet has spoken, so read on to find out. Be sure to check out’s definitive verdict first here while you’re at it.

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DigitalSpy - 5/5

VideoGamer - 10/10

GodisaGeek  - 10/10

GameInformer - 9.8/10

DigitallyDownloaded - 4.5/5

OPM UK - 9/10

GamesTM - 9/10

EDGE - 9/10

The Escapist - 9/10

IGN - 9/10

EGM - 8.5/10