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Watch Dogs visuals downgraded due to current-gen release, says Cliff Bleszinski

on 13 March 2014

Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski has weighed in on the on-going controversy surrounding Watch Dogs’ apparent next-generation visual downgrade.

Speaking on Twitter this week (via dsogaming), Bleszinski suggested that the open world hacking title suffered dip in graphics due to the fact it’s also coming to current-generation formats.

“I’d wager that the reason Watch Dogs’ graphics have been downgraded on the high end is due to the fact that it’s shipping on last gen also,” said.

“Biggest enemy to next gen consoles is publishers hanging onto the last gen. I’ve said it before, it’s limiting the capabilities of next gen.”

Foliage in particular is one visual aspect that has suffered as a result of developing games for both generations of consoles, added Bleszinski.

“Foliage, for example. Instead of some really detailed next gen stuff you still get “sheets” and the resolution is the only thing to change.”

Watch Dogs was originally pencilled in for release alongside PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November, but was delayed until May 27.

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