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Sony reveals list of playable games at GDC 2014

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on 17 March 2014

Sony recently unveiled on the PlayStation website a list of playable games that will be representing the company at its booth this year at GDC 2014 (via NeoGAF).

Indie titles fill the lineup with a hint of big budget baddies like inFAMOUS: Second Son and Borderlands 2 fulfilling the AAA void. This year's lineup can be found below: 

Counterspy (SCEA) PS3
Infamous Second Son (SCEA) PS4
Helldivers (SCEA) PS4
Hohokum (SCEA) PS4
Child of Light (Ubisoft) PS4
GALAK-Z (17-Bit) PS4
N++ (Metanet Software) PS4
Rogue Legacy (Polytron) PS4
Sportsfriends (Die Gute Fabrik) PS4
Towerfall Ascension (Matt Makes Games) PS4
Borderlands 2 (Iron Galaxy) VITA
Luftrausers (Devolver Digital) VITA
Race the Sun (Flippfly) VITA
Steamworld Dig (Image & Form) VITA
Super Exploding Zoo (Honeyslug) VITA

With inFAMOUS: Second Son dropping onto store shelves in just a few days, new GDC gameplay will make for a mouth-watering tease that will test your patience. Sony sure is embracing the indie explosion with a hefty handful of indie games to display at the conference. 

Are you pleased with the variety of software being showcased across all PlayStation platforms? Are you hoping for a new megaton reveal? Let us know in the comments section below.