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New EA Sports UFC trailer boasts incredibly lifelike character models and movements

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on 18 March 2014

A new gameplay trailer for the upcoming fight-fest EA Sports UFC has been released and what prospect EA Canada-developed title is shaping up to be.

Featured as part of the UFC gameplay series, ‘’Feel the Fight’’ flaunts some stunningly accurate character models – sporting the likes of MMA icon Anderson Silva and the precociously-talented Alexander Gustafsson. All footage captured for the trailer is from the in-game engine, and teases some of the most lifelike movements and responses we’ve yet to see in videogames. It’s a bold claim, no doubt, but do check out the trailer below to see for yourselves.


EA Sports UFC is still being worked at in the foothills of Canada and is scheduled for enter the gaming Octagon in the spring time. Give us your thoughts on how it’s shaping up below.