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Killzone: Shadow Fall characters made up of 40k polygons

on 24 March 2014

The developed behind PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall has divulged some interesting tidbits on the FPS during a panel at the Game Developers Conference last week (via DualShockers).

Speaking during a session titled ‘Taking Killzone Shadow Fall Image Quality into the Next Generation,’ Shadow Fall’s Michal Valient revealed that the game’s stages are 10-100 times larger than those found in Killzone 3 .

In fact, the largest Shadow Fall map measures at a whopping 8km, which is almost five miles long.

Valient also confirmed that each character in the sci-fi shooter is comprised of 40,000 triangles. In comparison to Killzone 3, there are four times as many vertices and four times as large textures in Shadow Fall.

Shadow Fall also boasts 683,334 building blocks, 200 different static lights per level, as well as an additional 200 light maps.

Killzone Shadow Fall was reviewed by PSU.com at launch, so be sure to check out our verdict here.  What do you make of the above numbers? Impressed? Let us know below.