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Ubisoft's Watch Dogs will not feature a 'jump' button

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on 7 April 2014

It may come as somewhat of a surprise – especially for a game that prides itself on the player’s ability to traverse a beautiful, dense city – but Ubisoft’s upcoming hacking adventure, Watch Dogs, will not feature a ‘jump’ button.

Replying to a Twitter question, Watch Dogs Animation Director Colin Graham confirmed the omission of the button, for ‘contextual’ reasons. It’s unclear, of course, how much of an effect it’ll have on proceedings and presumably it’s for a good considered reason, but it just strikes us as a little peculiar given how open the game seems to be.

Another Ubisoft title, the original Assassin’s Creed was lambasted upon release for its lack of a jump button – especially considering the game’s huge focus on free-running and secrecy.

There isn’t long to wait and see how the lack of the button will affect things, however, as Watch Dogs’ protracted release will luckily end on May 27. Are you surprised by the developments? Looking forward to the game? Give us your thoughts below.