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Hotline Miami 2 trailer laced with new music, more blood, and new characters

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on 8 April 2014

The first Hotline Miami, which last year came to PS3 and PS Vita from rage-fueled origins on home computers, was one of my favorite experiences on Sony's handheld. The responsive feedback of both triggers and analog sticks made the top-down shooter's frantic, twitch-timing combat an absolute pleasure, and its neon, drug-laced aesthetic pounded my OLED screen with eye-searing color.

Color me excited, then, for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which is set to rock your PS4 and PS Vita later this year--Dennaton Games is targeting a Q3 2014 release. The "Dial Tone" trailer below features music that breaks away from the first game's hypnotic trance for something with a little more rock, and a few new faces (or, tops of heads) make an appearance. We see dual-wielding Uzis, a profuse amount of blood, a chainsaw melee finisher, and, for a few brief seconds, what appears to be two protagonists acting in concert (just after the 0:47 mark).


PSU gave Hotline Miami an 8.0 out of 10 in last summer's review. Hit the link to find out why this indie sequel is worth fussing over.

Let us know if the trailer's got you excited for more Hotline Miami, and what platform you'll be playing it on, in the comments below.