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MechRunner announced for PS4 and PS Vita, Iron Man concept artist involved

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on 15 April 2014

Spark Plug Games has lifted the veil on robot smash-’em-up MechRunner, due out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC in summer 2014.

As you might expect, MechRunner has players controlling a hulking mech as you go on a rampage across urban-based locations, laying waste to legions of foes along the way. Spark Plug describes the title as a “high-octane endless action game.”

Fans of the mech genre will be pleased to learn that Josh Nizzi of Transformers and Iron Man fame is working on the game’s art direction.

Spark Plug’s Ben Lichius commented: “Josh has really created an amazing aesthetic that makes playing MechRunner a truly unique visual experience. I think we have some of the most detailed, amazing looking mechs to ever appear in a video game.”

Here’s a list of MechRunner’s standout features:

- Switch between mech and tank modes on-the-fly
- Slice & dice enemy units with your sword
- Rescue civilians for extra points and awards
- Access an extensive arsenal of weapons, customizations, and power-ups
- Unique environments that blend seamlessly together
- Numerous enemy types each with different tactics (and weaknesses)
- Epic boss battles
- A dynamically shifting environment offers unexpected obstacles, cover and danger
- Unlockable skins, upgrades, and achievement

Stay tuned to for more details.