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The Last of Us Grounded Bundle DLC offers challenging new content

on 16 April 2014

Naughty Dog today announced on the official PlayStation Blog that it will be dropping its third and final DLC for The Last of Us called the Grounded Bundle, which offers six new trophies and an assorted mix of single-player and multiplayer goodies.

First up to bat is a challenging new difficulty for the single-player campaign, Grounded Mode, which is described as "the hardest challenge you’ll ever face." It will open the floodgates to "AI that is relentless, smart, and brutal." Masochists who took a beating over Survivor mode will find great pleasure in this new difficulty, so never fear, the “Completed Grounded Mode” trophy is asserted to be "one of the most difficult trophies you’ll ever earn."

The bundle also comes with the Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, which features four news maps: Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine, and Water Tower. Each map is a modified rendition of a section from the campaign and will host its own set of trophies.

The Grounded Bundle will also come packaged with a whole new set of guns and survival skills. Best of all, you'll be given the option "to try before you buy," which is convenient if you're not a season pass holder. The Survivalist Weapon Bundle will come with four new weapons: Specter, Double Barrel, Enforcer, and Launcher. There is also a fifth weapon that will be offered for free – the Full-Auto Rifle – a fully automatic, modified burst rifle that will function best as an all-around weapon.


Lastly, the DLC package will feature two Survival Skills Bundles: Situational Survival Skills Bundle and Professional Survival Skills Bundle. The former unlocks four survival skills: Agility, Awareness, Fortitude, and Scavenger. The latter unlocks additional skills to mess with: Gunslinger, Bomb Expert, Executioner, and Damage Marker.

The Grounded Bundle is indeed part of the season pass for The Last of Us, which will only be available for four more weeks. So come the week of May 13, the season pass will be removed from the PlayStation Store.

Are you thrilled by the meaty offerings filled in the third and final DLC bundle? Give us a shout in the comments section below.

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