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Watch Dogs expected to be one of the 'best-selling IPs of recent memory,' going head-to-head with EA and Activision

on 17 April 2014

Watch Dogs is poised to become one of the biggest-selling new Intellectual Properties of recent memory, Ubisoft has said.

The French publisher’s Wayne Greenwell fully expects to go head-to-head with 2014’s biggest software releases with the upcoming open world hacking title, which arrives in shops on May 27.

“Excitement for the product remains incredibly high and gamers are desperate to finally get their hands on the title,” commented Greenwell, during a chat with MCV. “This is reflected in our pre-orders which are hugely promising for a new IP and highlights the enthusiasm that has surrounded the product since it was first unveiled to the world.

“With Watch Dogs, Ubisoft is building a new blockbuster brand to stand alongside other top tier triple-A titles and we expect it to be not only one of the best selling new IPs in recent memory, but also one of the best selling titles throughout 2014.”

The game has drummed up considerable hype since its unveiling at E3 2012, and while the initial November 2013 release date was pushed back, it has consistently remained one of the most-anticipated titles for both current and next-generation systems.

Watch Dogs will be treated to numerous special edition releases alongside the standard retail version, and has been confirmed to run at 1080p for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Next-generation versions also benefit from some impressive technical wizardry, too.

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