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Unreal Engine 4 gets PS4, Project Morpheus support for developers

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on 24 April 2014

Great news from team Epic: Unreal Engine 4.1, the latest incarnation of the developer's storied game engine, now supports PlayStation 4 development at no additional charge to registered PlayStation developers. That includes support for Project Morpheus, Sony's upcoming virtual reality headset.

What's exciting about this for PlayStation gamers, beyond the fact that Unreal Engine has, historically, been extremely flexible and powered some pretty amazing experiences, is that Epic also details some built-in tools aimed at consoles. Split-screen support, play-as-you-download, fast loading screens, and more are all being demonstrated by Epic's internal "Shooter Game," a developer-focused sample that demonstrates how to integrate said features and pass console certification with maximum efficiency.

The full update notes detail a host of tutorials, examples, and accessibility features that should, in theory, make it easier for developers to make better games on PS4. Developers can even download Epic's impressive Elemental Demo and understand what's making stuff like dynamic lighting, subsurface scattering, and GPU-powered particle effects happen. Check it out below, courtesy of CVG.

What's your favorite Unreal Engine 3 game? What Unreal-centric franchise would be great on Project Morpheus? For virtual reality, what does "affordable" mean to you?