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Naughty Dog suffers another departure as The Last of Us' Michael Knowland quits -- report

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on 28 April 2014

Naughty Dog’s Michael Knowland has reportedly left the company.

Knowland’s LinkedIn profile (via NeoGAF) seemingly confirms that he departed the Sony first-party studio this month, having worked as a Lead Character Artist on the PlayStation 3-exclusive title The Last of Us for over two years.

His profile confirms that he was not involved in the creation of the next Uncharted game, currently in the works for PS4.

It remains unknown where Knowland will set up shop next, though his depature from Naughty Dog is just the latest in a long line of exits to hit the Uncharted creator.

Back in March, it was confirmed that Amy Hennig had left the firm to join Visceral Games, where she is beavering away on new Star Wars title. While at first it remained ambiguous as to the circumstances surrounding her exit, it was later confirmed she left on amicable terms.

Not long after, Justin Richmond, who has been working on the Uncharted series since 2008, revealed he had waved goodbye to Naughty Dog and taken up residence at Riot Games.

Just last week, Nate Wells, who worked as Lead Artist on The Last of Us, announced that he had moved over to Giant Sparrow, the creator of PlayStation Network title, The Unfinished Swan.

Finally, Todd Stashwick, who was attached to Uncharted 4 in a voice over capacity, revealed on April 21 that his role had been recast. He has now joined Hennig on the new Star Wars title over at Visceral Games.

Stay tuned to for more details.