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DriveClub details from Evolution: dynamic menu, raising the bar for graphics and audio

on 30 April 2014

After Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida revealed October 2014 release dates for DriveClub, Evolution Studios has taken to the official PlayStation Blog to give more details on the hyped PS4 racer.

Game director Paul Rustchynsky, in particular, tells us we can expect some of the game's fun and excitement to stem from the dynamic menu. It's "the glue that connects you to everyone else in the DRIVECLUB community," he says. "Essentially it's where you discover what to play, and who to play with." It fits with Evolution Studios' ambition of "growing a vibrant network of millions of connected clubs, who all share the excitement of driving amazing cars together."

Driving means soaking up the game's visuals and audio, which Rustchynsky promises are "constantly improving" and "absolutely state of the art," respectively. We're tempted to agree (on the former point, at least) after watching the gorgeous trailer released yesterday:


Here's what's going on with DriveClub's other aspects, straight from the horse's mouth:

"Driving — It already feels great to play and we’re continuing to add further layers to the physics to make it both more accessible for everybody and more sophisticated for experienced racers.

Clubs — We’re making it easier for you to keep up to speed with what’s going on in your club as part of the rework on the dynamic menus. We’ve also tweaked clubs to support up to 6 players instead of 12 (because the game is more fun with tightly-knit clubs and it paves the way for awesome 6-on-6 club races).

Tour — The difficulty curve for the campaign mode is becoming even smoother as we continue to optimize the vehicle handling and also refine the game’s AI for non-player racers.

Cars & Tracks — More time means more staggeringly detailed cars and exciting tracks, too. If you haven’t already, check out the Ferrari in the video released yesterday. There are loads more exciting cars for us to reveal in the coming months."

Be assured that the PS Plus edition of the game, offering a selection of cars and tracks from the full game, will be free to Plus subscribers on Day One, as planned. Day One means October 7 in the United States, October 8 in Europe, and October 10 in the United Kingdom.

We're looking forward to hearing more at E3 2014. In the meantime, tell us why if you're excited for DriveClub, and why, in the comments below.