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Sony 'are legends,' says OlliOlli dev, praises PS4 as 'fast and snappy'

The creator behind skateboarding romp OlliOlli has heaped praise on hardware giant Sony for embracing the indie video game scene.

Speaking with GamePur, Roll7’s Simon Bennet also shared his opinion on the PlayStation 4’s technical prowess, stating that OlliOlli has really benefited visually from the transition to Sony’s new powerhouse.

"Basically Sony are legends, they are loving Indies and we are loving them! We met with Shahid Ahmad and Spencer Low (who run the Strategic Content team at SCEE) after the big launch of OlliOlli on Vita, and they said that we HAD to get the game onto PS4 and PS3. So that’s what we are doing!" he said.

"It’s so exciting! As you can see, OlliOlli is a pushing the consoles to the limits! But seriously, OlliOlli has never looked better. The console is so fast and snappy. We’re incredibly happy with it," added Bennet.

OlliOlli was previously released for PlayStation Vita. Read our review here.