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The Last of Us PS4 is a 'learning experience' for Naughty Dog

The creator behind The Last of Us Remastered has revealed that the title has provided the team a valuable opportunity to get to grips with PlayStation 4’s architecture.

Speaking with GameFanatics, Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacellli said, “When the Last of Us wrapped on PS3 we had just started to get a handle on the PS4 architecture.

"Internally, we felt that bringing The Last of Us over to PS4 might teach us some things about how we could get our game engine to work on PS4 and in doing so, would help us understand the architecture better for future projects. Also, The Last of Us for PS4 gives us a chance to provide a definitive version of the game in full 1080p with Left Behind and all core DLC included.”

The Last of Us was released in June 2013 to critical and commercial success, scoring numerous Game of the Year accolades and going on to sell over six million copies globally.

Remastered features a visually-enhanced edition of the post-apocalyptic adventure title, in addition to featuring all available DLC.

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