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PS4 Firmware update 1.71 due soon -- rumor

Sony is looking to release a new Firmware update for PlayStation 4, despite having just rolled out the much-anticipated 1.70 update.

That’s at least according to Tidux (via DS), a well-known industry insider who has a solid track record when it comes to all things Sony-related.

According to his personal Twitter, the update - presumably labelled as 1.71 - will fix various bugs that were introduced in this week's patch. These include issues such as randomly-ejected game discs, locking consoles and chat glitches.

Elsewhere, Tidux stated that friend list notifications is on the horizon, though couldn’t say whether or not it would be included in the forthcoming update. Apparently, this feature was to be included in 1.70, but was pulled at the last minute.

Treat the above information as a rumor for now, at least until we hear something from Sony on the matter.

In the meantime, post your wish list for the next PS4 update in the comments section below.