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Project Legion announced by creators of EVE Online

on 3 May 2014

A new game by CCP Shanghai, dubbed "Project Legion" for PC, was announced at CCP's annual FanFest get together. 

The game is extremely similar to the PlayStation 3 MMO shooter, Dust 514, which was also developed by CCP, but the team's new game looks much nicer with its more interesting level design. Project Legion is based around four pillars:

• Multiplayer at core
• Emergent Core
• Player Driven Economy
• New Eden (EVE Universe)

"It’s still very early, it’s been a few months the team in Shanghai has worked on it, and the idea is to really deliver on that vision, very much on that same vision, but there were a few pillars that were really important," Executive Producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon told Polygon during an interview. "More of a sandbox experience, more true to Eve, as an example, than necessarily Dust."

The game seems like it'll take Dust 514's core and develop around it and create a truly unique product that is much, much deeper than most FPS games by having things like player driven economies and the sandbox experience of New Eden, which is notorious for it's stories of betrayal, invasions, and thefts. 

"We’re still in project stage, we’re very much in the stage of sharing with the community, very CCP style, to get feedback. If the community doesn't react well… more importantly they will help us shape the right product," Gaudechon said.

So what does this mean for Dust 514? Unfortunately, this means that Dust won't be going anywhere anytime soon. However, now CCP can build the game that we always wanted Dust to be without any hardware constraints and lack of player base, so although Dust will die, the idea will forever live on. Just imagine the possibilities now available to the idea that were impossible due to hardware constraints. Ship boarding, immersive maps, and jokingly said during the presentation, trees.

There are a few things that we are still unclear of. Will Project Legion be a PC exclusive or will it also come to the PlayStation 4? Now that limitations aren't issues anymore, how will Legion interact with EVE? Will CCP finally tell us what 514 means? These questions will only be answered in time, but for now, you can watch a live demo of the game down below.  

So what do you think of Project Legion? Do you think CCP made the right decision, or do you disagree? Let us know in the comments seciton below.