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Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 15 - The Xbox One Episode

on 10 May 2014

Our cast lineup is a little crazy for this one! One has to go, so we have an extra one on. Join host The Commissioner: Glenn Gordon, The Prodigal Son Ernest Lin, Ben Sterling, Fraser "The Shapeshifter" Miller, and for most of the cast, KGB Garri Bagdasarov as they discuss the issues in all kinds of gaming.

After a cast about PlayStation and a cast about Wii, the most racially diverse gaming cast on the Internet turns to Xbox to discuss the status of one of the leading consoles of this generation. Day One editions of the Xbox One are still on sale. Microsoft has begun marketing in Japan and seems to be up to its old tricks--but Japan may not be taking it seriously.

Also, Japan has a very interesting way of measuring console power....
All of this and more makes episode 15 of the most racially diverse gaming podcast on the Internet today.
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The Racial Diversity Gaming Hour is a PSU production that takes on topics from any and all gaming platforms to bring some loving to our multi-platform fans needing another podcast fix. We're all gamers at heart, so lets spread some gaming harmony and leave the fanboy rage at the door!