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First Watch Dogs review is false, claims Ubisoft

on 19 May 2014

Ubisoft has warned that any Watch Dogs reviews that appear online before May 27 are false. The announcement, via Twitter, comes after the first review of Watch Dogs appeared online, rating the hacking adventure 7.2/10 and claiming that graphics aren’t on a par with GTA V, it's “painfully repetitive” and has “generic” multiplayer modes.

The review was written by Ali Naqi from WCCFTECH and, despite it not going into any real depth regarding the control scheme, he stands by the claim that the review isn’t fake and that he has played Watch Dogs. In the comments section below the review, he mocks readers who believe that the game will look fantastic.

“Keep believing you will get a better looking game. It's just going to be
one big disappointment fest for you. Also - I love how people call the
review fake but still can't say anything about how I got the footage (considering its not in the MULTIPLAYER beta).”

What’s unusual about the review is that it hasn’t been taken offline, something that usually happens if a website breaks an embargo date, which suggests that Naqi may have obtained the game either illegally or via a retailer who leaked a copy. Either way, Ubisoft is obviously keen to have the review discredited.

Watch Dogs won the BEST GAME award at E3 last year, after PSU went hands-on with the open-world adventure. Reviews will be live on the launch date of May 27 when Watch Dogs is released on Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.