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Mortal Kombat 10(X) hinted at by series creator

on 19 May 2014

Mortal Kombat series creator Ed Boon is teasing fans today about the annoucement of a possible new title in the popular beat ‘em up franchise.

Over the last few weeks via Twitter, Boon has been counting down to June 2 when, we presume, he will announce something. The fact that he’s regular teasing fans and building hype means that it should be something quite special. Today, Boon has dropped the biggest hint yet that we could be on the verge of an announcement of a new Mortal Kombat game after he posted a picture of a car registration plate that adorns the letters ‘MKX’.


The last game in the Mortal Kombat series was released in 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360 and Vita and was also known as Mortal Kombat 9. The ‘X’ could simply represent the tenth game in the series, or, as some gamers have suggested, could refer to a crossover of Mortal Kombat with another beat ‘em up series, such as Street Fighter.

The Mortal Kombat series has been running since 1992 and has been the subject of films, books and a television series. Total sales of Mortal Kombat games are reported to be in excess of 30 million. Shoruded with controversy, due to the graphic violence of its notorious finishing moves, a new version utilising the graphic capabilities of PS4 and Xbox One could take the franchise to a whole, new bloody level.

So, what would you like to see? A crossover or standalone Mortal Kombat game?