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Amplitude remake: PS4 and PS3, 60 frames per second, 'a love letter' to PS2 fans

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on 22 May 2014

A remake of PlayStation 2 rhythm-shooter Amplitude is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and it's all thanks to you.

To be clear, it's all thanks to the approximately 13,000 backers who gave money to Harmonix's Kickstarter campaign to get the remake off the ground. 2003's Amplitude, itself a sequel to 2001's Frequency, is fondly remembered by many for its grueling difficulty, wholly unique concept, and zen, flow-like state it could induce.

The original game tasks players with navigating a ship, the Beat Blaster, alone six lanes corresponding to a given song's bass, percussion, and other musical elements. Shooting nodes along the tracks continues to activate the song, with a host of power-ups spicing up the breakneck journey to song's end.

It's unclear just how closely the Amplitude remake will mirror its namesake, but Harmonix says, "The current goal is to make a faithful Amplitude "HD" - the core experience from PS2® re-developed for modern gaming devices." To that end, Amplitude will hit PS4 and PS3, running at 60 frames per second on both console. After all, "This project is intended to be a love letter to old-school PS2® fans." Local multiplayer is a given; the project's first stretch goal is online competitive play.

This evening, backers successfully funded Amplitude, hitting the goal of $775,000, with only 23 hours remaining. That means, as of writing, there's still time for you to back Amplitude and get in on some exclusives bonuses, including a signed art print, an old-school PS2 case, a downloadable art book, the game's soundtrack, exclusive content, and early access. The release date is estimated as April 2015.

Hit up Harmonix's Kickstarter page for Amplitude to learn more and check out some sweet art and concept screenshots. Are you a backer? Is Amplitude on your list of PlayStation games to watch?