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Battlefield Hardline gameplay trailer confirms cops vs robbers and multiplayer modes

on 28 May 2014

Update -YouTube videos are being removed due to copyright laws.

Though Electronic Arts would have hoped to keep all the details of the newly-announced Battlefield Hardline under wraps before its E3 2014 press conference next month, a gameplay trailer has now cropped up on YouTube.

The trailer, which refers to the game as Omaha, the internal codename for Hardline, confirms that DICE is bringing the Battlefield series to a brand new setting: the war on crime.

The trailer features commentary revealing what we can expect from this latest instalment and details the new lead character, Nick Mendosa, a Miami detective who ‘gets caught up in his own personal struggle between right and wrong’ as he heads out on a battle of revenge. Developer Visceral Games is also taking a TV series approach to the single player campaign, representing each level like a new episode and focusing on unique characters and story-telling.


“In Omaha, you will engage in all-our criminal warfare as you fight to serve and protect or serve yourself. Multiplayer modes in Omaha are built with tactical co-ordination in mind, whether you’re organising a hostage rescue, a SWAT, or staging an elaborate bank heist. The cops need back-up and the criminals need a crew,” reveals the voice-over.

Along with Heist mode and Rescue mode, the trailer confirms a car chase multiplayer mode called ‘Hotwire’ and ‘Blood Money,’ a fierce battle between cops and robbers as they seek to secure the cash and get it back to their safe-house.

Battlefield Hardline is due for release later this year and will be showcased on June 9 at EA’s press conference. You can watch the live stream from the conference via this link.
PSU.com will also be at E3 2014 in force, so stay tuned for all the latest news and hands-on impressions.