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Without Memory is a PS4 exclusive in the vein of Heavy Rain, BEYOND: Two Souls

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on 2 June 2014

A psychological thriller is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. If you enjoyed Heavy Rain or BEYOND: Two Souls, you’ll want to pay attention.

Without Memory is a third-person “interactive movie” that stars Anna, a girl who wakes up in a forest with no memory whatsoever. From there, survival takes center-stage--players will guide Anna through a series of puzzles, quick-time events, and meaningful, game-altering choices in an effort to stay alive and unravel the story’s secrets.

Stealth will play an important role in gameplay. Same goes for the DualShock 4’s touchpad, used to choose dialogue responses and (presumably) to navigate quick-time events. Players can also listen to Anna’s thoughts at any time.

Dinosaurum Games, the Russian developer behind Without Memory, cites Quantic Dream and Heavy Rain as important inspirations. In fact, the team even sent their script to Guillaume de Fondaumière, co-CEO of Quantic Dream alongside David Cage, who praised their work and suggested the game’s title.

Dinosaurum’s team of 50 and growing has industry experience developing games for Steam on PC. The studio is targeting a PlayStation 4-exclusive release in the second quarter of 2016.

The studio’s website is written in Russian; here’s a Google translation of the game’s summary:

Without Memory “is the story of how one moment can change the life of an ordinary girl who was no different from other people. Anna suddenly wakes up in the woods and realizes that [she] just does not remember anything. She knows no address, no information about [herself], and [is] very frightened. Any actions . . . directly affect the storyline and the state of the protagonist.

You have to survive in harsh conditions [and] make difficult decisions for which [you] will have to bear responsibility. And finally - [find] the truth. Before our eyes, Anna will grow and develop. She learns to trust or to detect lies. The player's actions will depend on the attitude of all the other characters.”

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