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E3 2014 to feature new IP from Spec Ops developer

on 3 June 2014

A recent tweet from Germany-based developer Yager indicates that the company will be showcasing a brand new game at E3 2014.

Yager previously developed the third-person action drama Spec Ops: The Line; a game that received mostly positive reviews and was universally praised for its narrative. Released in 2012, the game did not sell well in the eyes of publisher Take Two (who own the rights to the Spec Ops series). Yager publicly blamed 2K for the low sales, which explains some of its motivation to move forward with Grey Box

On the Grey Box website, PC real time strategy game “Grey Goo” is the only title announced for release. Aside from the fact that Yager is a private company that is venturing into video games, not much is know about it.

Website Only SP previously reported updates to the LinkedIn page of Timo Ullman, Managing Director at Yager. Ullman’s page highlighted two “unannounced AAA” titles based on Unreal Engine 4. One project was listed as a next gen title while the other is a free to play title. Yager could consider the PlayStation 4 as a destination for one or both games, especially with the F2P success of Warframe.

Spec Ops: The Line showcased Yager’s talent for design and knack for storytelling. As E3 approaches, we will keep you up to date on the developments of its new IP.

For anyone who played Spec Ops: The Line, what did you think about it? Does your experience with Spec Ops: The Line excite you for Yager’s next project?