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Three-part Lost Crowns DLC coming to Dark Souls II

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on 4 June 2014

Namco Bandai today released details on an upcoming batch of downloadable for the ever-challenging Dark Souls II.

The three parts of this DLC are collectively called The Lost Crowns, taking native Dark Souls natives in a direction completely original to the franchise. The ultimate goal in these three pieces of upcoming content are the crowns of the former kings, and each DLC will have its own to strive for. The first push will be titled Crown of the Sunken King, releasing on July 23; then Crown of the Old Iron King will launch on August 27; and the last piece, entitled Crown of the Ivory King, will land on September 24.

Dedicated advocates can now purchase a Season Pass that will include all three downloads for $24.99, according to Kotaku, but each piece will be available for $9.99 each. Considering that we gave Dark Souls II a rather stark score in our review earlier this year, it's assumable that the talented team at From Software will churn out equal if not higher quality with this extra content.

Take a look at the new environments and a few of the newest enemies to be featured starting next month.