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War Thunder PS4 cross-platform play now available in Europe

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that cross-platform play for the PlayStation 4 version of War Thunder is now available in Europe.

Users can now experience online dogfighting and ground-based battles alongside PC and Mac gamers, which up until now had been unavailable.

The update comes as part of the new Ground Forces 1.41 expansion, which allows players to take control of various armored vehicles plucked from World War II. Ground Forces launched day-and-date with War Thunder in the U.S. earlier this week.

Aside from this, the 1.41 update also adds Realistic and Simulator online battles, which complements the already-existing Arcade component that made up the meat of the game since War Thunder released alongside PS4 in Europe last November.

These game modes offer a more realistic dogfighting experience, taking into account each plane's historical performance, as well as various other factors. Simulator Battles for example only allow for one viewpoint and remove the aiming indicator. 

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