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MGS V Phantom Pain to be more episodic than predecessors: detailed more at E3 2014

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on 6 June 2014

The latest release of the popular  vlog Kojima Station briefly detailed how The Phantom Pain intends to tell its story.

The hosts of the show Sean Eyestone, Ken Mendoza, and Ludvig Forssell cover a great deal of ground in the video, but probably the biggest point they cover is the sheer scale of the game. Included in the video is a map that places all the maps from previous Metal Gear Solid titles on top of it, and the proportion of what's coming in The Phantom Pain dwarfs everything that's come before it.

Sean Eyestone then moves the conversation towards the means that Kojima Productions is taking in telling a story with such a massive world. He brought up the pattern of linear storytelling in the previous Metal Gears, comparing them to movies. In transition, The Phantom Pain looks to have more of a customizable delivery, as missions will be separated throughout the map and can be finished in any order.

The episode is included below and the map discussion is found at 32:15, but feel free to indulge in the entire show. It includes the teaser video released earlier today of Big Boss sneaking around in a box as well with English commentary. be warned that the video won't technically start until the 4:45 mark due to some technical difficulties the Kojima Station experienced while recording.