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E3 2014: DICE releases first Mirror's Edge 2 concept art

on 8 June 2014

In an unveiling that is sure to be followed with a proverbial treasure trove of juicy information this coming week, developer DICE has released the very first concept art of its sequel to the free-running hit Mirror’s Edge.

Published on its Facebook with the solemn tag of ‘#E32014’, the screenshot (seen below) doesn’t look to offer any real information nor does it seemingly deviate too far from the colour scheme and graphical lustre of the original game. All that considered, we’ll still incredibly exciting for the upcoming sequel – and so should you.

It’s been nearly a year to the day since publisher EA announced the sequel to Mirror’s Edge – catching gamers by surprise given the lacklustre sales of its predecessor, despite many positive reviews. If DICE's sequel can build upon the fantastic foundation created by the first, then we're certainly in for a treat.

EA’s anticipated press conference kicks off at 12:00PM PT on Monday, June 9. Be sure you check out PSU’s E3 coverage all through next week and as ever give us your thoughts on DICE’s upcoming free-running sequel below.