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E3 2014: Madden 15 fortifies defense, features NFL films cinematography

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on 9 June 2014

EA Sports released some tantilizing information regarding the defensive side of the ball in the upcoming annual release of Madden 15.

Unlike other releases, Madden 15 will place the camera behind the defense for better visual appearance of the defensive layout. On top of that, players interacting with offensive blockers can now personally make moves on them in whichever direction they choose to further accentuate and personalize the gameplay.

The defense will also have a new angular tackling mechanic, allowing players to aim their tackles based on skill and aggressiveness of the tackle itself in order to cut off defenders or stop them flat; the consequences of a mistackle are more in the player's hands, but it also gives players more power.

In additions, official NFL Films cinetographers have been included in the delivery of the between-play events, such as the kickoff and celebrations after successful plays.

Stay tuned to PSU as more information lands from E3 2014.