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E3 2014: First FIFA 15 details announced, scheduled for this fall

on 9 June 2014

EA Sports has officially divulged the first exciting details of its upcoming soccer entry, FIFA 15.

Speaking at its E3 conference, the publisher teased the improved control, presentation and gameplay changes that are present in the latest edition.

Looking to make the game ‘’feel the emotion of football like never before’’, FIFA 15 boasts incredibly authentic visuals, with pitches tearing up, boot-marks remaining, and even mud appearing on the shirts of the players. Players also have a ‘memory’ where they’ll react to moments of euphoria and agony accordingly.

Additionally, EA Sports has put acute focus on the ‘man-to-man battle’ – making gamers feel the physicality of full-bodied defending, from shoulder charges to hard-nosed pulls. ‘Dynamic match day presentation’ is also present, looking to recreate the atmospheres of places like Old Trafford and the Nou Camp, with specific fan reactions for each one also to feature.

FIFA 15 is scheduled to appear on all consoles this fall. Don’t forget to give us your views below.