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The Playroom Set Maker DLC brings user-created shows to PS4, Vita, tablets and smartphones

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on 11 June 2014

When The Playroom arrived with the launch of PS4 it was good for a laugh for a few minutes with its range of quirky tech demos, but it did show great potential.

Well, the good news is that the SET MAKER DLC for The Playroom this summer, which can be downloaded on Vita, Android and iOS and will allow users to broadcast their own shows using some pretty cool effects, is about to turn The Playroom from a gimmick to something that could well be worth your time.

Here’s the explanation of how SET MAKER will work:

“Well it’s super simple! Just grab your tablet, smartphone (Android or IOS are both fine) or your PS Vita and in a few clicks, create virtual banners and holographic billboards to decorate your place. You can use images, photos stored on your smart device or draw them from scratch. Your set will then come to life, courtesy of your metallic friend Asobi. Once you’re set, just hit the SHARE button and off you go!”

They’ll be the opportunity to use special effects such as smoke and lasers to jazz up your shows and a very cool feature that will allow you to create holographic text billboards and play videos that were captured on PS4 with SHAREfactory to customise your shows. They’ll even be the option to create polls so that viewers can interact.

Sounds like fun, right? Well, she looks like she's having a wail of a time.

For more information on SET MAKER, check out the Sony blog.