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MotorStorm 2 details emerge

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A couple of new details have emerged in regards to MotorStorm2 and they’ve come directly from the game developer’s mouth.  Their first title has been a huge success for the PlayStation 3 console and the dev team has always kept its fans occupied with new content regularly, so it comes as no surprise that they’re already giving out information about their sequel installment.  Once again, we’re able to provide direct information from the developer’s fingertips via a blog post.

“Happy new year everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, I know I did!

The majority of us are now all back in the office, slugging away to make our next game the best we've ever done, so all you lucky people can enjoy the very best that our future games will have to offer! And on that note, I'd like to have a quick chat about what I'm currently working on for the sequel to MotorStorm: the GUI (Graphical User Interface). We've been working on the design of the GUI for several months, taking what we did for MotorStorm and throwing it out the window, completely starting from scratch.

We've approached the design of the GUI from a fresh angle and I think we've come up with something pretty impressive, both functionally and artistically. At the moment we have a solid design and a basic, functional GUI comprised of placeholder art and text, nothing to write home about! However, we are just about to get started on implementing the incredible art that the Graphic Design team has come up with so we can start getting a real sense of how the GUI will finally work, both visually and functionally. Unfortunately I can't go into any more detail than that at the moment, but I'll be writing more on this as we move further along in development.


We’re pretty confident here at that the development team will keep their fans in the know during a big portion of its developmental stages.  Some of the things we’d like to see added just so happens to be the much needed split-screen option.  It’ll add a whole new dimension to the game to be able to race your buddies offline.  What are you guys hoping to see added in the next installment?