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New cards set to hit Japan for Eye of Judgement

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Eye of Judgment fans can rest easy knowing that there should be a new card set coming sometime after March.  It’s been announced that Japan will receive a 2nd set during March itself, and we’re pretty sure that, that would mean another set for North America can’t be too far off.

It’s been reported that software upgrades to support the new packs will be made readily available with the release of said cards.  There will reportedly be a 3rd set being sold sometime in the summer as well.

It’s still unclear as to when the SCEA will pick up on this and provide its North American users with something new and refreshing finally.  However, we figure here at that it obviously shouldn’t be that long of a wait after Japan’s release.  You’d think with the way Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh worked out, they’d be putting out cards at a rapid rate.  Yes, we’re aware they’re not the same.