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PS Vita unlikely to see 'huge, mega budget' first party titles, admits SCEE CEO Jim Ryan

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on 20 June 2014

PlayStation Vita may not be getting the ‘huge, mega budget’ first-party title treatment any time soon, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s President and CEO Jim Ryan.

In a hard-fought interview with Metro GameCentral, Ryan touched upon the company’s apparent failure to deliver first-party titles to its premier handheld gaming device, PlayStation Vita. Speaking after Sony’s E3 conference in Los Angeles last week, the head honcho of Sony Europe addressed the much-talked-about matter after being increasingly probed by questions regarding PS Vita’s stark line-up.

‘’Are you going to see huge, mega budget PS Vita games that we have developed and we publish? I think that’s unlikely. That said, does Vita play an increasingly important role in our overall ecosystem… the old vertical silos where nothing ever talked to each other, that’s all breaking down now,’’ he said.

He continued: ‘’whether it’s PlayStation Now, whether it’s Remote Play… where the statistics are really surprising in terms of the number of people who use the Remote Play functionality and the extent to which they use it. It’s not like they use it once and then they say, ‘OK, that’s great’ and then they put the PS Vita back in the draw.’’

Apart from the announcement of Entwined (itself a PlayStation 4 title) for PS Vita and the recently-released PlayStation Pets, Sony’s line-up is noticeably bare – a testament to its shifted focus on the successes of Remote Play and indie titles. That said, Ryan is adamant that support for PS Vita will not dwindle, especially in the face of the upcoming release of PlayStation Now.

‘’It will be a client device for PlayStation Now, and even potentially quite an important one. So in the sense it was initially intended – having huge, portable, exclusively-designed portable games – is that it’s future? Probably not. But does it have a future? Yes.’’

The full, frank interview can be found here - but be warned, Game Central isn’t pulling any punches.

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