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PS4 owners most demanded feature is the ability to change PSN ID

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on 23 June 2014

The most demanded feature by PS4 owners is the ability to change ID on the PlayStation Network.

Sony Computer Entertainment has been spending time gathering feedback from the PlayStation community via its SHARE blog, where users can submit comments which are then voted up by the community.

Top of that list, with over 23,000 votes, is the ‘Ability to change User ID,’ which is significantly more popular than other requests such as enhancing media support and being able to turn on/off PS4 notifications when friends sign in.

Such is the demand for the ID change feature that many users say they would even be willing to pay to be able to change their PSN names.

Currently, PlayStation Network Online IDs cannot be edited. The PlayStation Knowledge Center states: “Once an Online ID has been created for a Sony Entertainment Network account, it cannot be changed”.

The PlayStation SHARE blog was set up specifically to monitor and react to issues and ideas from the PlayStation community, so let’s hope Sony will respond and make this particular feature a reality.