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War Thunder heralds the arrival of new British fighters and bombers

on 23 June 2014

Gaijin Entertainment is kicking off the announcement of some big additions to War Thunder by revealing some of the new British aircraft that are set to be introduced to the PS4 MMO, free-to-play shooter.

“The aircraft announced are a part of our vision to ultimately have complete aircraft trees for each of the War Thunder nations," says Gaijin.

The entire British fleet tree has been revealed, which includes the likes of the English Electric Canberra Mk.1 and the Blackburn Firebrand. Further complete fleets representing other countries will be revealed over the coming weeks as Gaijin introduces an unprecedented line-up of craft based on their real-life counterparts.

War Thunder allows players to hop into the cockpit of a variety of planes from World War II to the Korean War, and partake in large-scale aerial battles where the likes of Spitfires, Zeroes, Focke Wulfs and Yaks compete for air superiority.

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