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Secret Ponchos will be PS4 PlayStation Plus freebie this Autumn

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on 25 June 2014

Isometric team-based shooter Secret Ponchos will be available for free on PS4 for all PlayStation Plus subscribers this Autumn, Eurogamer has learned.

Developer Switchblade Monkeys spoke about the release date for Secret Ponchos, stating that the game was delayed to make sure it “was super solid and ready for the public.” The indie studio then went on to confirm that it will be available on PlayStation Plus for PS4 for one month.

"Yes, for one month the game will be featured as a PlayStation Plus title!,” Switchblade told Eurogamer. “We are very excited because PlayStation Plus will put the game in the hands of a large community of gamers, and for a multiplayer game the community population is key!"

PSU interviewed Switchblade Monkeys back in November 2013 to find out more about its PlayStation exclusive title. You can find out more about the game in the full interview.