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Final Fantasy XIV: 'The Hunt' detailed for Patch 2.3

on 26 June 2014

Eorzean adventurers, take heed: Square Enix has detailed the Hunt, a new set of quests for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that will join Ramuh, new dungeons, and other Patch 2.3 goodies on July 8.

Let's start with Final Fantasy XII's bounty marks and go from there. The Hunt is of similar mind: send players out to kill particularly dangerous beasts in the wild and reward them for their efforts. FF XIV's Hunt differs in that players can accept bounties for regular marks (posted daily) and elite marks (posted weekly), the latter of which feature three sub-classes of difficulty. Rank B elites can probably be solo-killed by a well-equipped player. That's less likely with rank A monsters, while rank S beasts may prove to give even coordinated groups of four a tough time.

The rewards for killing elite marks are hefty indeed. Pardon the jargon: possibilities include endgame currency (Tomes of Mythology, Tomes of Soldiery), Oils of Time and Sands of Time for further upgrading high-level weapons and armor, Alexandrite (for upgrading a level 100 Animus weapon to Novus at level 110), and a new kind of token that players can trade with their Grand Company (faction) for brand-new weapons and armor.

Square Enix's preview article also makes mention of a new Delivery Moogle side quest that stems from a Moogle needing the player's help to deliver a letter. In Final Fantasy XIV, the series' impossibly cute critters serve as postmen.

The Hunt and Delivery Moogle quests are just icing on the cake of Patch 2.3. I can't wait to see the main storyline extended and fight through a new floor of the Crystal Tower. There's plenty more to be excited for, though.