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Mass Effect's Garrus makes a cameo in Doctor Who trailer...or does he?

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on 14 July 2014

The latest series of the BBC’s Doctor Who appears to have taken influence from BioWare’s Mass Effect video game franchise.

A new trailer for the Time Lord’s latest series, which sees Peter Capaldi in the iconic role, teases a new alien character who possesses a remarkable likeness to Garrus Vakarian, the fan-favorite Turian squadmate from Mass Effect.

Check out a screencap of the mysterious character below, and then compare it to a shot of Shepard’s calibrating-loving sidekick.

Of course, we should point out that Doctor Who scribe Steven Moffat and former Time Lord Matt Smith are said to be fans of Mass Effect, so it probably isn’t a surprise to see the series doffing its cap to BioWare’s sprawling space odyssey.

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