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Kayne & Lynch has sold over 1 million copies

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Despite low review scores across a number of publications, the 2007 mature hit, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, took the industry by storm last fall to be one of the bigger holiday 2007 titles across many platforms, including the PlayStation 3.

It appears that Eidos, the people behind the Tomb Raider series possibly has another franchise to delve on in the future, as Kayne & Lynch just hit the one million mark in copies sold. A statement released by SCi, the parent company states, “We anticipate a positive sales trend to continue through the remainder of FY08 and for Kane and Lynch to firmly establish itself as another key franchise for the Group,”

For the two months that Kane & Lynch has been released, it has already sold more than Hitman: Blood Money did in its first two months of existence. With this success, expect a sequel to come sometime in 2009.