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The Last of Us Remastered PS4 and The Last of Us PS3 multiplayer DLC detailed

on 25 July 2014

Via a live Twitch stream, The Last Of Us developer Naughty Dog has revealed some snippets of information relating to the upcoming multiplayer-only DLC package for its original PS3 adventure and the rehashed PS4 version which launches on September 29, 2014.

Revealed by Naughty Dog’s Multiplayer Designer Quentin Cobb, the multiplayer DLC will feature a range of new guns, masks, helmets and gestures for The Last Of Us on both PlayStation consoles.

The Naughty Dog Twitch channel is now offline, but Dualshockers was quick to note down the list during the live stream, revealing the following new items in the DLC pack.


The Beach

Financial Plaza


Scoped Semi-auto

Scoped Full-auto

Scoped Burst

Variable Rifle (named variable because it has two levels of zoom)


Bandit Mask

Sad Clown Mask

Maniac Clown Mask

Skin Mask

Burlap Mask

Biter Mask


Nightmare Skull


The Gif

Oh Snap!


We’re expecting to see a multiplayer DLC trailer launch at some point today. We’ll upload that into the article as soon as it lands. The Last Of Us launched on PS3 last year and received high critical acclaim for its immersive story-telling, powerful visuals and exciting gameplay. The Last Of Us Remastered launches on PS4 on July 29 and features enhanced visuals, additional content and eight multiplayer maps.