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Resident Evil HD Remaster screenshots tease revamped character models & horrific monsters

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on 5 August 2014

Fresh from its horrific unveiling in the past hour Capcom has unleashed a proverbial slew of tantalizing screenshots for its remastering of 2002’s Resident Evil remake.

Showcasing rebuilt character models and enemy variations, the game – slated for an early 2015 release on PS4, PS3, alongside host of other consoles – is sure to horrify games for a record third time, promising a whole host of changes and additions, the bones of which are yet to be divulged.

The original Resident Evil remake, released in 2002, wowed gamers with its incredible pre-rendered backgrounds, bone-crushing difficulty, and eerie atmosphere and is sure to elicit a similar response later next year.

Note: these screenshots are from the last generation version of the game; as of right now there isn't any shots of the PlayStation 4 version.

Check out the screenshots below.

Click here for the full gallery.

Stay tuned for Famitsu’s full reveal which is scheduled to hit on August 7. As ever we’ll be on the frontline delivering you the news that matters.

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