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Gamestop increasing rates for game trade ins starting August 18

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on 5 August 2014

Beginning this month, Gamestop will be changing its rubric regarding how much money customer receive for trading in games.

Kotaku provided an image of Gamestop's new rubric, provided by an "internal source" that's in contact with Kotaku:

Regarding the percentages above, consider "0%" as the base amount of money--either cash or in-store credit--and the other percentages reflect on that in their respective circumstances. Ultimately, the intention behind the overhaul is to create a more reliable trade-in program for customers. Before this, the best trade-in value required placing the freshly-generated trade-in credit toward specific upcoming games rather than buying something immediately from the store. 

As the rubric indicates, subscribers of Gamestop's Power Up Rewards program--which trades a one-time fee for increased trade-in value as well as a subscription to Game Informer magazine--will still receive more return when compared to customers who request cash.

This new initiative will begin August 18. The above rubric does not include possible promotional events that Gamestop has been known to feature, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the retail company won't still provide them as special events along the way; these events usually follow major gaming events, such as the pre-order push for games featured at E3 after the expo in San Franciso last June. Until more is released, stay tuned to PSU as more information releases on Gamestop's upcoming changes.