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Sony reduces BD lasers and cost effectiveness

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After CES there has been no doubt in the minds of many that the Blu-ray format is ready to take the limelight and produce for the next generation of movie watching and game playing. The possibility of offering less expensive BD players through the consumer market is obviously something Sony feels is necessary to do in order to expand their already strong hold on the market even further.

They’ll now hopefully be able to do this as they’ve finally figured out a way to shrink the Blu-ray reader from its current size. Sony has recently developed a BD reader that is a mere 3mm in size. This would make it even small enough to comfortably fit in laptop drives as well, even further expanding the potential behind the disc format. With the shrinking of the reader, it will allow not only for thinner drive bays, but will essentially give Sony the ability to drastically lower prices on their future models.

These small little readers will also have the capability of reading dual-layered BD’s with organic dye in the recording layers. Discs of this type can even be produced from the standard DVD production line, which only adds to the reasoning of cost effectiveness. The ability to put more players into more homes is obviously always a good thing for not only the company at hand but for the formats supporters as well.