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Second patch for PES 2008

Konami has released a second patch as they continue to fight against the lag that has plagued the PS3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

The popular football series, rated by many as the number one football game on the PS2, has been widely criticised this time out due to regular lag and slowdown both in offline and online gaming.

Konami has now released a patch that they say will solve compatibility issues when it is played on a standard definition TV set. A previous patch was released before Christmas which helped to lower the regularity of slowdown on HDTVs.

They also added that the free download fixes the slight stuttering effect that occurs when the game is played on a non-HD set.

Gamers will be prompted to download the patch when the game is played online. As with the first patch though, there is no information on how gamers who don't have access to the online features of the game will obtain the patch, and therefore reduce slowdown on their game as well.


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