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SCEE: 1 million PS3s sold in PAL region

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Today David Reeves, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, revealed that they had sold one million PlayStation 3s in the PAL regions.

Almost 25% of the total has been sold in the United Kingdom, but France and Iberia also helped a great deal. The PlayStation 3 has been launched in 107 nations in about 10 weeks.

For those of you interested in the software sales, unsurprisingly Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man were the two best sellers, selling 500,000 and 600,000 units respectively.

Reeves also stated that it's unlikely now that Sony will launch the 20GB PlayStation 3 in Europe.

Furthermore Reeves confirmed that about 460,000 people had registered on the PlayStation Network. And Sony has managed to get around 100 pieces of online content on the PlayStation Store in about 10 weeks. Which isn't enough yet, because the Europeans still don't have the major hits from the North American store like the Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo or Calling All Cars.

Overall, this is great news. We'll keep you up to date.