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Japanese interest in PlayStation Home waning?

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Initially, Sony’s PlayStation Home service was met with great anticipation from many, and the hype surrounding may have been considered on equal footing with forthcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives such as Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4.

However with numerous delays and somewhat lack of new information, Home has slipped down to something that only the hardcore loves, creating more of a cult following than a widespread phenomenon.

To show proof to this belief, Japanese gaming publication Famitsu Weekly presented the following question to its readers:  “What do you think about member services like PlayStation Home?"

The response is as follows:

-27.3 percent are interested in trying it out
-37.3 percent don't care
-35.4 percent dislike such services

Here is just a few comments said about Home in Famitsu:

"I won't allow myself to be trapped in some fake reality."

"It just doesn't look like it'd be fun as a game."

"It's more fun to enjoy myself in the real world."

As you can see, it would appear as though the Japanese public remains slightly apprehensive of Sony’s upcoming social networking hub; quite the contrast to public opinion when the service was first unveiled. Until then you may participate in the discussion regarding the Home open beta out on our forums.

Expect more about Home to be revealed at GDC where PSU will be in attendance to provide our own coverage running February 18 – 22.

Source: Kotaku