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GTA IV viral marketing continues with new poster

With the official launch date for Grand Theft Auto IV set for April 29th, Rockstar Games has taken no small steps in drumming up hype and anticipation for what is expected to one of the biggest games of 2008.

Late last month, residents of Brooklyn, NY were treated with the delightful “Wanted” ads posted on area telephone poles. The poster features the games core character, Niko Bellic.

It describes how he is wanted for a number of shootings in the Broker area (GTA IV version of Brooklyn) and is wanted dead or alive. Now the trend continues with a wanted ad in the Lower East side of Manhattan, for Little Jacob, a Caribbean arms dealer.

The ad suggests that the LCPD (Liberty City Police Department) will “clear any outstanding parking/speeding violations in exchange for information leading to an arrest."

Expect to see more of these sightings as we head closer to the release of this soon to be controversial title. PSU will keep you up to date on anything that happens surrounding Grand Theft Auto IV.

Source: Kotaku