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Bizarre responds to The Club criticism

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on 8 February 2008

Developer Bizarre Creations has responded to mixed reaction surrounding the company’s forthcoming shooter, The Club, suggesting that many users have simply misunderstood the game’s concept.

Community Chief Ben Ward told Videogaming247 that he expects the title’s core emphasis on racking up high scores to "take time to resonate with certain people".

"For every person who played it and was expecting a story-driven game we found two or three people who really understood the pursuit of high-scores," explained Ward. "Already we've got a hardcore fan base building up, which is very encouraging!"

"The game is all about competing with friends for the highest score possible, and showing off your skills whilst doing it. It's something that's fairly unique in the shooter genre at the moment, and something we really believe in."

Ward also shed light on the company’s decision to tone down the amount of blood and gore in the game, in order to maintain focus on the game’s skilled-based combat, as well as avoiding unwanted attention from anti-videogame enthusiasts.

“Fundamentally the game is still about shooting lots of people”, he continued.

“We've handled this in a similar way to Hollywood action movies - it's not gratuitous or sadistic in the way it does things. Primarily the game is a gameplay-driven skill-based title, and we are hoping that anti-videogame groups will see this shine through."

The Club hits European shelves today for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with a North American release following on February 19.

Source: Eurogamer