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First true Afro Samurai trailer in the wild

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on 8 February 2008

You don't see many samurai with afros nowadays; it's simply out of style. However, Namco Bandai's game based on the anime series of the same name is set to bring it back in a big way. Enter Afro Samurai.

A surprise trailer showed its face during a DICE presentation given by Roger Hector, the VP of Development at Namco Bandai Games. The title seems to stay true to the original 2D art of the movie. The game looked quite strong graphically (at least from the shaky camera footage), though the animation needs a little touching up in our opinion. If you want to see the shaky trailer in all its glory, check it out on Kotaku.

However, we're still not convinced if Afro Samurai is as cool as this guy. Only time will tell.